Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The New phase - Motherhood

Metamorphosed from "what to expect when u are expecting", to "what to expect in the first year".
Blessed with a little girl.. Small she looks, but her screams are strong enough to keep everyone awake. Whole neighbourhood can vouch it:))-
Dazed, bleary eyed, smelling sour milk, yet ecstatic, I bedeck the new role.


Multi Menon said...


1st tym in ur place..

hope the bb is doin good and so are u.. :)

Cheers.. :)

happy blogging and happy patrenting.. :)

Aarathi said...

Enjoy motherhood & kisses to sweety.
HAppy Onam!

Nikki said...

Thnx Arathi.. U have such a wonderful blog..

Nikki said...

Thanx MM .. baby is doing good.