Friday, September 26, 2008

Fatty wars !!!

Went to Gyno for my first postpartum checkup.
Good Nwz :I lost 17 Pounds !!!
Bad Nwz : I have 18 more pounds to loose :(
Me : Can I go to Gym?
Doc: No, now heavy works.Only Strolling. U just had a c- Section.
Me : Can I diet?
Doc : No, You are breast feeding. It will affect your baby.
Me: How am I then supposed to cut my weight?
Doc: It took 9 months to gain the weight. It wont go that easily.
Thnx Doc. So much for consolation.
But, I am not discouraged easily. Just saw the weight-watchers ad. " Stop dieting, Start living". It looks pretty interesting. Maybe I should check its meeting. After all first meeting is free.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gassy Smiles

"Kunju" started smiling in her second week. It is so adorable. Obviously, me the proud mom, started bragging about to anyone within my ear-reach, till some (cold hearted)friend told that baby's first smiles are work of gas. I was surprised to hear it, but a little research proved it to be right.
When I shared this news with my mother she vehemently opposed. When I showed the links she said.."it may be true about other babies, but not ours..Kunju's smile's are not because of wind"....Hmmmm mothers...Not that I disagree with her :)-

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Already missing... mother who returned back to India two hours back,after being with me for 10 weeks. She was my biggest support during the last weeks of pregnancy and after delivery. After she came here, she completely took over the household chores from me, persuading me to take rest all the time. She looked after the baby, when I was barely able to move from the bed after C- Section and even after my recovery. Despite, her illness she wakes at 5 Am (not counting the many times she wakes whenever my little girl decides to cry) and sleeping around midnight. I wish, I could have shared some of her burdens and not have taken her so much for granted. She is so precious and a lifesaver. I totally miss her. I hope, I could as good and helpful as my mother was to me, to my baby girl.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The New phase - Motherhood

Metamorphosed from "what to expect when u are expecting", to "what to expect in the first year".
Blessed with a little girl.. Small she looks, but her screams are strong enough to keep everyone awake. Whole neighbourhood can vouch it:))-
Dazed, bleary eyed, smelling sour milk, yet ecstatic, I bedeck the new role.