Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Religion in Cricket: A 20/20 Review.

Kudos to the Indian team.
I love cricket. I still howl, scream and clap (and occasionally
whistle) when I see good cricket (one of the signs that marriage has not
definitely changed me :)) The final match between India and Pakistan, the
proclaimed arch rivals, in 20/20 world cup was a dream final to most of the
cricket fans and the finishing was a nail biting one.
Undoubtedly Pakistan also played a very good cricket. My cricket
craziness knows no boundary. Whilst watching the final I was admiring Misbah ul
Haq. The cool and composed way he played till the end of the match. It was
optimistic cricket.
But when Shoab Mallik , Pakistan Cricket Captain addressed the crowd,
he thanked for supporting and further, apologized to the Pakistani people
and to the Muslims around the world for not winning. That attitude
disturbed me. Why did he apologize to the Muslims alone? I am not a Muslim and I
love Pak cricket team. I like Shahid Afridi, Younis Khan... They play
good cricket. But why thanks and apologies to the Muslims alone? Aren't
other people entitled to support them?
The cricket players in a way represent their country. They are looked upon, admired and followed by many people, particularly the younger generation. So when they state something I think they should do it responsibly. They should set an
example of tolerance, rather than compartmentalizing the fans. And
Shoab Mallik is the cricket captain and I think the comment was highly
disappointing, inept, unwanted, unwelcome, unbecoming one.

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Anonymous said...

That is annoying.. I agree with your views!