Thursday, September 20, 2007

Love Is In The Air


Last weekend we were highly romantic. We were at Niagara... such a beautiful, refreshing place.
We decided to go to Niagara just on a whim. We were severely warned by our dear friends that there is not much to see there except water falls.
And keeping this warning back in our mind we started off early Saturday morning. The 7-hour drive was blessed with rains and sunshine alternatively. The lush meadows, green mountains winding roads added more charm to our journey. The trees without leaves gave the signal of the autumn coming. It was a drive without any break. There was no tiredness and no yawning. Totally mesmerized we drove on, with me continuously clicking the camera.

We reached Niagara by 1' noon. Had a quick lunch and found an abode. Kept our luggage and we were all set to explore Niagara. The lovely maid (of the mist) was stunning and the horseshoe falls breathtaking. Later as the sunset we moved on to see the cove of the winds. That was the ultimate. We spend more than an hour getting drenched. It was so cold and raining yet we couldn’t tear ourselves from the place. We stood there with no concern of time.

The next day plan was to visit Thousand Isles and Finger Lakes. We woke up early by 6' we went for a morning walk with a cup of coffee in hand. The sunrise was beautiful, the breeze cool, promising a beautiful day ahead. We packed back and before returning we thought of seeing the waterfalls once again.

There was a big rainbow waiting amidst slight drizzle and again we lost the track of time. Niagara in day looks so different from what it was night. We just loitered around the place with no intention of visiting Thousand Isles and Finger lakes. We walked around till noon enjoying the three Sisters Island and small bridges. We drove back home wondering about the places we missed in Niagara and promising to visit again. Sometimes I just hate Mondays. It was one such weekend.


Anonymous said...

That is why its one of the wonders :)-

TBC said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leadimg me here. We used to live pretty close to the Niagara Falls till we moved. I have lost track of the number of times we went there.The finger lakes region is extremely beautiful too & is so scenic.