Monday, January 5, 2009

My Resolutions:-

1. To eat healthy and reduce the excess pounds. (I decided to go on south beach diet from feb)
2. To learn Tamil (I have a 30 days to Tamil book with me. Hope I finish it in next 365 days)
3. Read atleast one book in a month.

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Kay said...

Nikki, It is based on the diet that my naturopath gave me.. You can read about it here I had some issues with Candida in the gut and my body responded well to the diet she gave me for that. So, we just continued it over the next month and two. December has been a major slack month for me. Hoping to get back on my routine soon.

Goodluck with your diet!

I'm curious.. Is there any particular reason you want to learn Tamil? I'm a Tamilian too. :)